Below Market Value Properties

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Are you looking for the best Below Market Value Properties in England?

At Keystone, our primary focus to source Below Market Value Properties from our network of property professionals around the UK. Whens sellers require a quick sale, we can secure the property for below the open market value and sell these properties as a fully packed no money down investment (NMD) to professional property investors.

Growing your property investment portfolio really is that simple. Why would you pay the open market value when you buy property with Keystone at a Below Market Value discounted rate.

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Latest Below Market Value Properties

Property in


  • Value: £60,000
  • Price: £48,000
  • Equity: £24,000
  • 1 bed Duplex Flat
Property in


  • Value: £70,000
  • Price: £56,000
  • Equity: £28,000
  • 1 bed Apartment
Property in

Frinton-on-sea, Colchester

  • Value: £380,000
  • Price: £304,000
  • Equity: £152,000
  • 2 bed Sea-front Apartment
Property in


  • Value: £165,000
  • Price: £132,000
  • Equity: £66,000
  • 3 bed Semi-Detached
Property in


  • Value: £90,000
  • Price: £72,000
  • Equity: £36,000
  • 1 bed Maisonette
Property in


  • Value: £260,000
  • Price: £170,000
  • Equity: £132,500
  • 3/4 bed Detached

Below Market Value Explained
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