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Location Beds Zoopla Estimate Rent (pm)
Co Durham 2 45,000 325
Bishop Auckland 3 40,000 370

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Estimated Annual Growth (%)
Estimated 5 Year Growth
5 Year Growth £162,045 17%
Estimated Values based on 3.20% growth per year
Year Gain (£) Value (£)
Year 1 30,400 980,400
Year 2 31,373 1,011,773
Year 3 32,377 1,044,150
Year 4 33,413 1,077,563
Year 5 34,482 1,112,045

County Durham

County Durham has been experiencing growth over the last few years, and within the county town of Durham, the famous university of 15,000 students continues to catalyse expansion. The county's population of over 500,000 have access to historic world heritage sites, areas of outstanding natural beauty and also cosmopolitan town centres. It is a ideal base from which visitors and residents can explore the North East of England and the Scottish Borders. As the county continues to grow, and graduate retention increases, the demand for rental property looks set for a continuous rise.

With the North East as home to major companies such as Nissan, Ravendale and Wellstream, there is a positive outlook for economic growth. Savills predicts that property will grow 17.6% across the North East in the next five years.

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Bracknell: The New Hub of the South East

Bracknell: The New Hub of the South East

Bracknell is being transformed. Existing and continued regeneration in Bracknell has created an appealing town in which to live or work. Over the past ve years a brand new town centre, the Lexicon, has emerged. The £240 million, state-of- the-art shopping centre and leisure facility has been developed by the Bracknell Regeneration Partnership which is 50% funded by Legal and General.

Bracknell is expected to increase by 15% during the next 20 years and will provide strong demand for property in the region.

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