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Wed offer a complete packaged property investment service.

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BMV property in London SE13

  • London SE13
  • OMV: £450,000
  • You Pay: £382,500
  • Equity: £67,500
Property in

BMV property in Eastchurch, Kent

  • Eastchurch, Kent
  • OMV: £295,000
  • You Pay: £245,000
  • Equity: £50,000
Property in

St Albans Off-Plan Investment

  • St Albans
  • OMV: £250,000
  • You Pay: £250,000
  • Equity: £0
Property in

BMV property in Newcastle

  • Newcastle
  • OMV: £175,000
  • You Pay: £140,000
  • Equity: £35,000
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Buying Cheap Property in the UK

Making money from BMV property is all about knowledge. Keystone offer a complete BMV property investment solution. You can select from any of the BMV properties currently available with structured finance. Investing in BMV property with Keystone is a straight forward way to build your property investments.

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