BMV property in Cheshire Sold

Location: Cheshire BMV Property

Current Value: £120,000

Available To You For: £84,000

BMV Investment Details

Type Beds Value Purchase Price Instant Equity Tenanted Mortgage (month) Rental (month)
Mid Terrace 3 £120,000 £84,000 £ 36,000 £189 £268

About this BMV property

Tenancy : Protected , agreed in 1980 with current tenant [who is in her 60s]. and is 3rd tenant in herfamily since the 1960s, and protected tenancy cannot pass further in her family when she dies , without new tenancy being agreed.

Rent £268 p mth set by Fair Rent Valuation in 2012, BUT THIS IS DUE REVIEW

This property is located in Cheshire.

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