St Albans - Barclay's number 2 property investment hotspot 2 minute read

St Albans - Barclay's number 2 property investment hotspot

Where is the best place to invest in property in the UK?  Barclays have recently completed some research to find out which locations have strong yields, and also where will have the strongest house price growth by 2021. It shows St Albans coming in at number 2.

It has based it on 12 key indicators, including past trends on property price and rental increases, current trends for employment levels, commuting patterns and earnings levels, and expected future trends for population growth and employment growth.

St Albans St Albans is forecast to see some of the property price increases in the East of England over the next five years, at 38.8pc, the second highest in the country. This is partly due to strong expected growth, & higher than average earnings, which is 46pc more than the national average.

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