Can we use our own solicitors and brokers?

No, the solicitors and mortgage broker we use are familiar with our deadlines and systems which ensure you will be able to complete your purchase smoothly and speedily.


Am I buying at the open market value or at the discounted value?

You are buying with a discount but it is used to reduce the deposit you require. Currently you will need a 25% deposit for a buy to let mortgage.


Can I see the property before I make a decision?

Yes, on receipt of your reservation fee we can arrange for you to view the property.


Do I need an income for the mortgage?

Usually no, as most BTL mortgages are based on the rental return on the property rather than an individual income.


What happens if my purchase doesn't complete through no fault of mine?

By ensuring vendors are fully committed, and using our specialist mortgage broker and solicitors, it is a rare occurrence.


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