Terms & Conditions of Agreement

Our service strives to be welcoming and friendly as well as efficient and well maintained. You will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. All of our services are delivered by trained and appropriately qualified staffs that are committed to delivering a high quality service. All our client records are reliably, accurately and securely stored and access is controlled so as to maintain client confidentiality and comply with the Data Protection Acts 1984 and 1998.

Keystone Invest Ltd provides a service to its clients by sourcing and packaging investment properties which will be up to 25% below the current market valuation. The fee that is charged to the client is £3,995 + VAT per property unless otherwise stated and confirmed in writing. The fee is non-refundable in the event that the property does not complete, but will be transferable to another opportunity. Any clients who have funds on account due to the non completion of a deal with have the first choice of any new opportunities that arise before they are offered to new investors.

Keystone Invest Ltd will source a suitable property that the client is happy with, and we perform a suitable level of due diligence. However, due to the large number of variables in an individual sale including the mortgage valuation, the individual clients credit check and the vendor, we cannot guarantee that an individual sale will go through. We will however, continue to make available other properties until one is suitable. Keystone Invest Ltd cannot accept any responsibility in the event of a property being down valued however in the case of a mortgage down valuation the client will be offered the opportunity of putting in more deposit funds to facilitate the placing of the mortgage product.

Clients should not apply if they have reason to believe that they will be accepted by a mortgage lender due to poor credit history, employment status or any other reason that may adversely impact their application. Any costs incurred due to the failed property are the responsibility of the client. In the event that a client fails the mortgage application, Keystone cannot be held responsible; however we will do our best to source an alternative mortgage product and provider.

Keystone Invest Ltd will handle all reservation requests on an equal basis and that should there be multiple interested parties on a property, the sale will proceed with the first investor to provide to provide the £3,995+VAT packaging fee.

The details contained in any online information provided, are for guidance only.